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Double time

I am big, therefore I need to loose weight. In this journal I'll write about my diet, workout and what's not working out. This journal is friends only & private, so if you want to read then you can comment and I'll most likely add you back.
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add me?
I saw you on 100pounds2lose, and I also saw you had tried the Paul McKenna book which I just got. I'd love to read your experiences with it!
Paul Mckenna? I never heard of it.
Oh! I just reread your comment on the 100pounds2lose post and realized I misunderstood you. You're doing the same thing the book proposes, without reading the book. :) The book talks about eating slower and not eating until you're full, not eating everything on your plate, etc.
i love to add you as a friend. I'm trying to loose weight as well.
neat.. i actually haven't been keeping, but just started up again. hoping more than ever to keep it up. i'll add you.
Hey, I'd love to be added as a fellow Pioneer! <3
Added you :)
We were already friends :)
I used to be be_illuminated
please add, thanks!
Hi, I saw your post on 100pounds2lose and added you. Best of luck!
Saw you there as well, adding you :) btw you are gorgeous!
Hi I'm also on a weight loss journey, mind if I add you? :D
Please do :) Sorry I went the summer w/o internet. I'm adding you now.

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